Fertilizer Formulation Technology


Tropical crops are different from the Temperate crops in terms of nutritional requirements and growth pattern.

Our formulations have been proven in the fields for more than 13 years.


Fertilizer Material Technology

Green Chemistry

Based on Green Chemistry Principles, raw materials used in our fertilizers fulfilled the requirements. Our fertilizers are green, eco-friendly and low carbon.

High-tech storage systems preserve raw materials and finished products.


Fertilizer Manufacturing Technology

Cleaner Production

We produce our fertilizers in the manufacturing facilities fulfilled the requirements of cleaner production.

Our manufacturing facilities are semi-automated and energy efficient. Finished product packing is ergonomical.


Crop Production Technology

Based on our more than 20 years of real crop production advisory and experience in tropical areas which cover almost all the tropical crops, we have develop an unique tropical crop production technology.
Several in-house publications have been compiled for reference and training purposes.