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BAS Speciality Fertilizers Sdn. Bhd.




BAS Speciality Fertilizers Sdn. Bhd., incorporated in 2004, is the marketing agent and sole distributor of No. 8 water soluble fertilisers (WSFs) for Malaysia and Indonesia.

No. 8 WSF is formulated, vastly tested, and proven on various tropical crops in Malaysia and Indonesia, helping many growers to be successful since 2001.  No. 8 WSF is produced by our sister company, Bintang Alam Sakti Sdn. Bhd., using the latest advanced formulation and production technology and green chemicals input to safeguard our environment and consumer’s wellbeing.


Vision Statement

To become the top-quality leader of green WSFs for profitable yet sustainable tropical agriculture by 2026.


Mission Statement

We are committed to provide top quality and cost effective green WSFs with tropical formulae with predictable and satisfactory results making agriculture profitable yet sustainable for our growers, environment, consumers, and our stake-holders.

  1. Prudence
  2. Environmental sustainability and eco-friendly
  3. Proactive and excellent customer services
  4. Doing good for the growers and our stake-holders
  5. Integrity, honesty, trust, and professionalism
  6. Teamwork, sharing, dedication and discipline
  7. Continuous improvement
  8. Focus and open-mindedness
Specialised Formulae We have a range of time-tested standard formulae / products.
Custom-Made Formulae We can customise our products for crops based on each individual grower’s specific needs; to solve any nutrient deficiency problem faced by your crops.
Foliar Formulae    Our foliar formulae are different from existing competitor products.
Field Visit Our personnel are well trained and professional. We will continuously improve and only serve very best to our growers.
Crops Production Advisory We have experienced technical personnel.



Why we are different from the existing products in the market?

  1. Our formulae contain NPK and are fortified with effective micronutrients.
  2. Our product can be used as the sole nutrient input for optimum crop production, replacing conventional fertilisers.
  3. Our product has multi-application methods, and it can be used as broadcast, foliar spray, fertigation, drenching, hydroponics, and media mix.
  4. Our product is a green chemical fertiliser that is eco-friendly and does not harm the soil and environments.
  5. Our product is very concentrated, and made of 100% plant-required nutrients.
  6. Our product is specifically developed for tropical crops.